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3D & Motion Design

Showing what you mean in Motion Convey your Ideas or establish an image about your ideals is possible in common applications whether it's on you website or at a event.

Research & Development

Forward is the only way In times like this innovation is the biggest drive in any business. Staying at the forefront of technology and culture needs dedication and passion. To explore new grounds means staying unique and offering great possibilities.

Virtual Reality

Enhanced Virtual Experiences of the Future Virtual Reality brings you closer to remote experiences whether it's your product visualised in it's environment or a complex progress shown from perspectives that were impossible before: Everything is possible in VR


Present yourself as more Creating a binding experience for your audiences that go beyond classical media. Multisensoric and environmental adventures are the extraordinary that is kept in mind.

the attic

The attic is a design studio founded by Dirk Erdmann and Robert Schnüll currently based in Osnabrück. Our work is related to the fields 3D animation, motion design, virtual reality, research and development, interaction design, physical computing and prototyping.

If you want to get more informations, lets keep in touch. Just write us a mail or follow us on Instagram or Twitter. Besides if you want to learn more about our work and our spirit listen to our podcast Dachbodenprodukt (DE).


Get an impressions of our work as an inspiration. The displayed content is from the attic instagram channel :